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Majority Leader Reid backs state opt-out for health insurance public option

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid announced today that the Senate bill will include a government-run health insurance option that would give states the choice to opt out.

“I think it is the fairest way to go,” said Reid during a press conference with reporters.

Reid said that he, Democratic Sens. Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Max Baucus of Montana and the White House had decided that the opt-out option was the “best way to move forward.”

The majority leader is sending pieces of the bill to the Congressional Budget Office for cost analysis. Under the provision, states would have until 2014 to opt out.

Reid reportedly has just under the 60-member threshold he will need to succeed with the opt-out public option.

Sen. Olympia Snow, R-Maine, has previously supported a “trigger” public option, which would kick in only if private insurers do not expand coverage fast enough.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 10/26/2009 - 06:06 pm.

    So called “opt out” provisions are a cynical tactic that relies upon public apathy to sneak programs in under the public’s radar…hardly something a party that is supposedly dedicated to “empowerment”.

    How about “opt in”? Put it up for public vote and let the majority rule.

  2. Submitted by Justin Bigelow on 10/26/2009 - 06:59 pm.

    oh silly, we opted in when we voted for a Democratic President, Senate and House of Representatives.

    I do wonder if we’ll get a review of states that would actually opt-out. Will it be Mississippi and other poor states (i.e. the ones that really need a public option)?

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