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Behind the numbers: Minnesotans finding ways to cope with tough times


Robert Sutherland, Veronica Walther and Brad Benzick
MinnPost photos by Wilt Hodges, Joey Peters and Emily Ness
Robert Sutherland, Veronica Walther and Brad Benzick

For many months, retail reports, financial statistics and monthly jobless updates have relentlessly driven home to all of us the bleak state of the national and regional economy.
In an effort to personalize some of those numbers, we asked MinnPost interns Wilt Hodges, Emily Ness and Joey Peters to profile how several Minnesotans are coping with tough times.
They looked at individuals in diverse endeavors: a one-man construction shop, an independent wedding planner, a resort marina employee and a recent law school graduate.

Here are glimpses at the real-life economic situations these folks have been facing.

· Weddings still need planners, but couples’ budgets have tightened
· In tough times, one-man construction shop find ways to survive
· Marinas are always on Minnesota resort-goers’ priority list
· Many new lawyers are finding job search a real trial

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