AFL-CIO makes no endorsement in governor’s race

The union representing more than a quarter of a million Minnesotans decided not to endorse in the race for governor.  Republicans called it a “brutal blow to Kelliher” especially after the union accidentally sent out a news release erroneously announcing “Minnesota AFL-CIO Endorses Margaret Anderson Kelliher.”  Kelliher needs unions to turn out in the primary election where Mark Dayton has an established record of getting senior citizens to show up for him.  Here’s the real news release:

MN AFL-CIO Makes No Endorsement in Governor’s Race

St. Paul — After a careful screening of candidates, the unions of the Minnesota AFL-CIO decided not to endorse a candidate at this time.


DFL candidates Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher along with Independence candidate Tom Horner took the time to screen with the state’s largest labor federation. Democrat Matt Entenza returned the screening questionnaire but opted not to screen. Republican Tom Emmer was invited, but did not participate.


While the MInnesota AFL-CIO did not endorse a candidate; union members are united to defeat Tom Emmer.


“At every turn, Tom Emmer has opposed job creation, opposed investing in students, and opposed making health care affordable,” said Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson.


Knutson said labor is united to elect a Governor who shares middle class values and priorities this November. She stressed that Minnesotans will have a clear choice this November.


“Union members will work hard to elect a Governor who puts middle class families first.”


Here’s the accidental, wrong news release:



St. Paul — Citing her strong commitment to job creation and the middle class, the Minnesota AFL-CIO proudly endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher for Governor today.

“Minnesotans need a Governor who will leave no stone unturned to create family-sustaining jobs, invest in our kids and communities, and make taxes fairer for the middle class,” said Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson. “Margaret Anderson Kelliher will be that Governor. Her leadership record shows her strong commitment to middle class values and priorities.”

As Speaker of the House, Margaret Anderson Kelliher stood up for Minnesota’s working people through:

  • Creating jobs and shoring up Minnesota’s roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure by successfully overriding Governor Pawlenty’s veto.

  • Laying the groundwork for new jobs in the clean energy economy with a strong renewable energy standard.

  • Expanding health care to more than 100,000 Minnesotans.

  • Committing to real education reform that provides schools with the tools needed for every child to have an opportunity to succeed.

  • Fighting for middle-class tax fairness.

  • Protecting Minnesota’s strong professional licensing standards.

“I am proud to stand together with hard working Minnesotans as we fight to get our state back on the job,” said Kelliher, the DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor. “As Governor I will wake up every day and do everything it takes to create jobs and opportunity in Minnesota communities.

“With the help of the more than 300,000 members of the AFL-CIO, we will win this campaign and put 214,000 Minnesotans back to work. That is my commitment to the hard working people of this state – it’s why I’m running for Governor.”

With the endorsement of the Minnesota AFL-CIO, Kelliher now has the support of a vast majority of the state’s labor unions.

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  1. Submitted by Leslie Davis on 06/18/2010 - 12:46 am.

    As a Republican candidate for MN governor I’m astounded that the AFL CIO never sent me an invitation to screen for their endorsement.
    And to top that off they wouldn’t even return my phone messages asking to be allowed to be screened. What are they afraid of? Me? Leslie?
    Oh well. They’re part of a large group of special interest corporations who have excluded me from the process. AFSCME did it at their convention. They even lied about inviting Republicans and not get a call back. BIG LIE.
    Medtronic invited 6 of 7 Republican candidate to their campus to debate. Guess who was the excluded number 7. You got it.
    Then there’s the Minnesota Government Relations Council, a group of lobbyists, who had a forum and guess again who wasn’t invited. It also happened several times with Senate District 41. Wow are they a gross unfair group. Yuck!
    You get the picture. The powers that be know that if the public learns about Leslie Davis they will elect him and that would be too great for evreyone.
    A little sarcasm?
    Leslie Davis
    “The Davis Money Plan”

  2. Submitted by Herbert Davis on 06/18/2010 - 07:15 am.

    So let’s not endorse the person who is endorsed by the party that represents us….then we take very little chance of offending the millionaire who might win. We can hope we are “trickled on” by a savior or we can take a stand on principle.

    The “give back” and concesssions strategy is working so well that we might as well ride this strategy all the way down…oops…did we just bump our butt?

    This has been and is class warfare and they seem to be kicking our ass! Better any dem than Emmer…no MAK is the only one committed to the DFL and the party activists who endorsed her.

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