The gubernatorial ad wars begin

With DFLer Mark Dayton launching his first TV ad in the race for governor, the Republican Party created its own web counter ad proving they are taking him very seriously. Dayton’s minute-long spot features lots of seniors who vote in primary elections.  It mentions him taking “his campaign to the people” traveling 9,000 miles across the state as he challenges DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  The ad mentions “his roots go deep in our state, generation have shopped at his family’s Dayton’s and Target stores.” It also highlights Dayton’s vote against the war in Iraq.

Republicans are glad to bring up Dayton’s record in the Senate saying:  “Minnesotans can expect to see millions of dollars in slick television ads from Mark Dayton over the next few months.  What they won’t see is the truth about Dayton’s record: national recognition by Time magazine as one of ‘America’s worst senators,’ his self grading of own his Senate performance as an ‘F,’ his bizarre decision to shut down his Senate office or any discussion about the negative impact his job-killing tax increases would have on Minnesota’s job creators.”

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