Dayton asks the other candidates for governor: ‘What’s your plan?’


Mark Dayton asked all the other candidates for governor:  “What’s your plan?”  The DFLer said he’s getting beat up, even by fellow Democrats for his tax the rich plan.  He said it’s time for his competitors from all parties to get specific.  “The reality is they don’t want to tell Minnesotans how draconian $3.8, $4.8, $5.8 billion would be in cuts and shifts.” Dayton poked at other candidates phrases “a balanced approach… grow our way out… broaden tax base.”  He also said Republican Tom Emmer’s comment about waiters making $100,000 is “government by anecdote” and said his staff calculated that would be $400/hour in tips and that is “totally absurd.”

Democrat Matt Entenza had a quick response saying he has “the most detailed and specific economic and education plans in the race.  Unlike Senator Dayton who is not only proposing a politically impossible tax hike on middle class Minnesotans, but is also proposing billions in new spending, Matt has always been straight with the voters about the realities of our fiscal situation.”         

DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher later called for a “jobs budget” and said “Mark Dayton’s plan to raise taxes on middle class families and senior citizens and Tom Emmer’s plan to slash schools, health care and police and fire services are unrealistic and irresponsible.  That’s why I’m focused on delivering a balanced, realistic solution based on Minnesota’s highest priorities– good jobs, great schools and safe communities.”

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