Entenza announces Ventura vets on his leadership team


DFL candidate for governor Matt Entenza came to the Capitol to announce his leadership team that includes three of Governor Jesse Ventura’s commissioners.  Former Transportation Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg said “It’s the team that makes all the difference.”  Former Administration Commissioner David Fisher added about Ventura’s administration “that was a group of people with no political agenda.”  Former Republican House Speaker and Ventura Commissioner David Jennings will also advise Entenza on the campaign and potential gubernatorial transition.  Entenza said you have to give Ventura credit for “the best cabinet in modern times.” 

What reporters seemed to find most interesting was Entenza’s repeated references to “disappointments with the Obama administration.”  He said that’s why he’s showing voters who he’d surround himself with.  Entenza was directly asked whether he was frustrated with Obama and eventually said “I wish more could be done.” 

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