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Hot, rowdy crowd greets Emmer at server summit


It was rowdy, packed, hot, emotional.  Waiters and their bosses, supporters and detractors, and tons of press piled into Ol’ Mexico restaurant in Roseville for Tom Emmer’s summit with servers.  The Republican candidate for governor repeated his message that he does not want to cut waiters’ wages.  Waiters there wondered what a tip credit really meant, Emmer wouldn’t get into that.  They said they were angry, even “enraged” by the Delano representative’s comments about waiters making $100,000.  Emmer largely kept his cool, but at one point told the crowd to “be quiet so I can hear.”  It was hard to hear through all the heckling.  The moment that caught everyone off guard was the guy who poured pennies out in front of Emmer who responded “I played hockey a lot of years and that got me to jump.”


People with “I’m not overpaid” stickers stood outside, not able to get in the capacity room.  One woman asked Emmer “Where do you get off complaining about the price of a meal when we pay for it (Emmer’s meals through lawmaker per diem)?”  But not everyone disagreed with the candidate.  Some talked about the ability to earn more than the minimum wage with changes in tips and minimum wage.  Emmer told the waiters he wanted to put more money in their pockets through not taxing their tips saying “that money belongs to you, not the government.”  That got a big cheer and jeer with a man yelling “We aren’t over-taxed!”  But the tips tossed out in front of him caused an abrupt ending, in closing Emmer said we’ve all got to live together “I will never run, I will never hide.”

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  1. Submitted by Richard Pecar on 07/15/2010 - 11:55 am.

    The Republican Party should rename itself the “Business Person’s Party” and be done with it. I’m embarrassed to say I voted almost exclusively for Republicans from 1964 through 2000.

  2. Anonymous Submitted by Anonymous on 07/15/2010 - 04:57 pm.

    Richard, I made the same mistake: voted for Nixon (of all people!) in 1960 and for Goldwater (of all people…hey! I guess I could say that about every Repub with the exception of Ike, who would be run out of today’s Repub party, and for whom I was too young to vote)– and it all hinged on what I was reading at the time–an ultra-conservative rag called The Wanderer which was to the right of Ghengis Khan.

    Lesson: Be careful what you read–and in today’s world–whom you listen to. Rush and Glenn anyone? Heaven forbid!

  3. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 07/15/2010 - 05:25 pm.

    Nixon, despite his faults, was actually nowhere near today’s Republicans.

    He opened China to trade, for one thing, and supported a negative income tax to replace the system of welfare payments we now use. If your tax return showed, for instance, that you made only $15,000 for the year and were supporting a spouse and three children, you would receive a monthly check from the feds to bring you and your family up to a decent income. No more program application forms to fill out; no hours taken out of every social worker’s day to get them from you.

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