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Independence Party candidate Rob Hahn takes a shot at the ‘Budget Slap Shot’


Independence Party candidate Rob Hahn is up next in our effort to get gubernatorial hopefuls to show us their budget priorities in our Almanac “Budget Slap Shot.”  Hahn made a big statement by putting the most in education (k-12 & higher ed) allocating a staggering 61%.  That came at the expense of health and human services which received 22%, the same amount Republican Tom Emmer put in to the category.  Transportation came in at 6%, local government aids 5%, public safety 4%, environment, bonding and economic development were all at 3%, state government 2% and ag/vets 1%.


Hahn also stands out for being just one of two candidates to chose a mix of cuts/reforms and revenue to balance the budget.  We were working with all funds available for spending at about $58 billion and with an estimated $5.8 billion shortfall; we made the candidates account for a 10% shortfall.  In our “Revenue Bucket” Hahn got 3% from federal money, 2% from income tax revenue, 2% from river boat gambling, 1% from closing corporate tax loopholes.  Then, from his existing budget, Hahn subtracted through reforms 1% from health and human services and 1% from state government.

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