IP candidates for governor address Vikings stadium issue

The Independence Party candidates for governor gave the public some interesting ideas to ponder.  Rob Hahn rolled out three “viable” options for a new Vikings stadium.  One would be building a new stadium likely in the Metrodome location, two is expanding TCF’s Gopher stadium, three is creating a multi-purpose entertainment facility.  In every scenario the state would kick in about $200 million from some form of gaming.  Hahn likes the idea of a racino, lottery or electronic pull tabs.  The IP challenger said “I don’t think the other candidates have the guts to come out and put something specific on paper.”


At the same time, IP-endorsed Tom Horner was conducting a Twitter Town Hall forum.  He appeared live from Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis.  The first half hour was hard to hear, but then it improved.  In the new media venue Horner addressed the stadium issue saying “Minnesota can’t afford to lose an asset as important as the Vikings.”  Horner said he’d have a proposal on the issue later this week.  The former Republican spoke on a number of topics noting “politics today is so polarized” and he touted his communications experience “building coalitions” as a reason he could break through.

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  1. Submitted by Tony Spadafora on 07/29/2010 - 12:38 pm.

    If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it 1000X…. Stadium funding should be based on benefit.

    Who would benefit from the construction of a new Vikings stadium?
    Team Owners
    Sports Fans
    the General Public

    None of Rob Hahn’s alternatives are funding based on benefit. He’s just “throwing mud against the wall” to see if any of it will stick.

    I can’t wait to hear Tom Horner’s and the other gubernatorial candidates’ stadium proposals.

    How these candidates would help build stadium issue consensus will tell us a lot about their decision-making styles.

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