Waiters stand with Kelliher as she calls for minimum wage increase


DFL-endorsed candidate for governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher stood with waiters and called for “a long-overdue increase in the minimum wage.”  She took a shot at GOP-endorsed Tom Emmer by saying what he’s proposing “is no different than stealing tips off the table.”  The only woman in the race who’s quick to point out her upbringing on a farm also hit Emmer with “I don’t have to go undercover to learn how to do hard work.”  Kelliher is referring to Emmer working “undercover” as a waiter over the weekend at Ol’ Mexico where he’ll take center stage tomorrow in his summit with waiters.


Today there were lots of media there for Kelliher’s event, hours after Emmer proposed eliminating the state income tax on tips. “Tips should be between the customer and the server and state government has no business reaching in and taking a portion of that income” Emmer said.  The Delano lawmaker added “I have not proposed reducing the minimum wage.”  But in 2005 on the House floor he proposed eliminating the minimum wage.   He said “I have always been about putting more money in the pocket of wage earners, more money in the pocket of entrepreneurs and more money in the pocket of Minnesota’s families.”

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  1. Submitted by Lindsey Knowles on 07/13/2010 - 09:08 pm.

    I sure wish that Tom Emmer would say something stupid about my profession so I could get some tax-free income too. We are long overdue to raise the minimum wage. Minimum wage was worth more in 1956 than it is today. Kudos to Margaret for standing up for working people.

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