Dayton not planning to attend DFL Primary Night Unity Celebration

As we’re waiting for election returns, bits of news are coming in.  Even if he wins tonight, Mark Dayton does not plan to attend the “DFL Primary Night Unity Celebration.”  He was expected to remain at his campaign headquarters in St. Paul, appearing around 9:00 pm.  His spokesperson told us “We were not invited to anything at Jax tonight; the only DFL Unity event we are aware of is tomorrow at 11 at the Capitol.”  DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher is at Jax Cafe in Minneapolis for the DFL party. 

Meanwhile insiders at the Capitol are talking about a closer than expected race.  Several are even floating a recount scenario.  Just to remind you, here is the word on a recount from the secretary of state’s office:

The law has not changed related to automatic recounts. If the vote margin between the top two candidates is within one-half of one percent, state law mandates a hand recount.

For instance, if 400,000 votes are cast:

Candidate A = 200,000
Candidate B = 195,000
Candidate C = 5,000

Under this scenario, there would not be an automatic recount despite it being relatively close. The vote margin would have to be less than one-half of one percent–in this case 2,000 votes–between the two top vote getters.

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