DFLers rally behind primary victor Dayton

The media advisory billed it as a “DFL Unity Press Conference.”  It was not a press conference.  Dayton will have a press conference tomorrow.  There was unity.  For one hour leading Democrats gave speeches supporting now DFL-nominee Mark Dayton.  Even DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez joked that “unity is not something that always comes easily and naturally” for Democrats.  Dayton launched into the general election:  “C’mon Rep. Emmer show us your plan. Show us the money.  Tom Horner show us your client list.  I could go on and on.  And I will for the next 83 days.”  The crowd roared.  Dayton took on Emmer’s record against the minimum wage and 35W victim compensation fund. 


The endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher choked back emotion for the hour.  She hit the podium and delivered a strong speech.  “I don’t mind being beaten by a goalie as a hockey mom.”  She too took on Emmer and Gov. Tim Pawlenty saying “Minnesota has gone the last 20 years without a DFL governor and it shows.”  Dayton praised Kelliher’s “dignity and courage” and added that he hoped they could work together in an administration.  Possibly work together in Dayton’s administration?  We didn’t get a chance to ask.  Dayton reflected on the highest primary turnout in a decade “together we inspired 441,000 people to vote on a hot stormy August day.” 

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