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Entenza takes the ice for Almanac’s ‘Budget Slap Shot’


DFLer Matt Entenza concludes our Almanac Budget Slap Shot this week.  The former House minority leader stood out on how he solved the budget shortfall in our hockey-themed budget exercise.  He was the only candidate, aside from IPer Rob Hahn, to use a balanced approach cutting and raising revenue.  We made the candidates account for a 10% deficit and find 10 hockey pucks for that.  From our “Revenue Bucket” Entenza grabbed 3% in shifts, 1% income taxes, 1% corporate tax loopholes and 1% tax compliance.  Entenza was the only Democrat willing to pull pucks from budget categories when he took 2% from state government and 2% from health and human services through “efficiencies.”


On the spending side, Entenza spent more than any other Democrat on education with K-12 and higher ed coming in for a combined 50%.  He agreed he’s sending a message here about education being a priority and merging the two departments.  The rest of his budget allocations fell pretty much in line with others:  28% health and human services, 8% local government aids, 3% bonding debt, 3% economic development and 3% state government.  No money went into environment because Entenza combined that department with economic development.   2% went to public safety and ag/vets.  1% was allotted for transportation because Entenza said he was not including dedicated funds in his spending as we asked others to do.  Speaking of the others, many of you have been asking for a chart comparing all the candidates’ spending and cutting and revenue decisions.  That’s coming soon…

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