Farmfest: Where the buffalo roam

The buffalo are roaming again on the prairie, at least inside fences for some farmers.  The Minnesota Buffalo Association is at Farmfest and we headed out to see some producers in action.  Outside Appleton, Minnesota we stopped in at the Trager farm were my relatives have been farming for generations.  Buffalo have been great way to diversify and now the meat is really taking off. 

The local butcher stocks it and prices for producers are solid.  Buffalo meat is showing up in big restaurant chains across America.  Not only do the enormous beasts boast historical significance, but also health benefits.  The Buffalo Association has a chart showing bison with less fat, cholesterol and calories than other meat like beef.  We’ll see if the candidates at Farmfest are briefed on the latest agriculture trends.   It could be a tough crowd for the gubernatorial candidates who now call the metro home, one farmer in restaurant yesterday told me he’s “not sure if there’s a good one to choose from.”  DFLer Margaret Anderson Kelliher is sure to hit on her roots on the farm.  We’ll be there for the governor candidate forum Wednesday morning.

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