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Political games at the State Fair

There are plenty of political games to play at the Minnesota State Fair.  Today the DFL released the game “Knock Out Emmer’s Excuses.”  It’s a bean-bag toss that is intended to “highlight the many excuses Minnesotans have heard from Tom Emmer on why he was absent from the budgeting process during the last legislative session.” Democrats also take aim at Emmer not providing a plan to balance the budget yet.    


Meanwhile Emmer has his own game at his booth. You can spin the wheel to pick choices like: improve business climate, streamline regulations, responsible spending, revitalize economy and lower taxes. The booth is full of photos including one of him hunting in blaze orange, ironic because Emmer admits he’s not a great shot. In fact his father joked in an interview for our upcoming biography show that Tom Jr. “loved to hunt but he couldn’t hit a thing!”

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  1. Submitted by David Willard on 08/31/2010 - 10:24 pm.

    Is there a Minnpost wheel that has VOTE DEMOCRAT for nineteen spaces and one that says recount?

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