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It’s primary election day and reports vary on turn out.  Generally, most of the people I’ve talked to in the suburbs have seen slow turn out.  Urban areas appear a bit busier.  It’s anyone’s guess when we’ll know the winners.  One indicator many are mentioning is when northeastern Minnesota’s St. Louis County’s votes come in.  In looking through thousands of tweets, DFL-endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher seems to have the most social media buzz there.  Dayton posted on Facebook:

Mark Dayton Today is Primary Day! It is the 8th time my name will be on a Minnesota ballot. That is both a thrilling and a humbling experience. Naturally, I hope I have earned your vote, and I ask respectfully for your support. However, there are two other excellent DFL candidates; so you have three good choices. That is the way it is supposed to be in a democracy. The people decide.

 Mike Miller mmiller404

Social Media Rumor, Take with a Grain of Salt: @MAKMinnesota and the DFL are kicking butt and taking names with GOTV efforts.

Karla Bigham karlabigham

Grandma Gert drove her friends to vote for @MAKMinnesota! She thinks it is fun to say “MAK all the way!”

Will Morgan willmorgan84

More and more undecideds moving towards @MAKMinnesota.

You can see lawmakers like Reps. Bigham and Morgan working for Speaker Kelliher as I hear they’ve done in person.  The question everyone is asking around the Capitol today is if that ground game is enough to take Mark Dayton who has led in the polls?  Republican Rep. Pat Garofalo wondered what the weather might mean for voters.  Republicans are also hitting particularly hard on GOTV for their attorney general candidate:

Rep. Pat Garofalo PatGarofalo

All eyes on the sky. TStorms set to hit metro during afternoon rush. Will reduce turnout even lower. Bad news for @MarkDayton 

Tim Gould gouldtg

RT @PGless: Proudly voted for @tomemmer, @meeksgop, @Severson, and most importantly – @RCBARDEN. I was voter 112 at Plymouth fire station.
Jennifer Niska jenniska

RT @jakeloesch: RT @mngop: IT’S PRIMARY DAY! Get out & vote for @TomEmmer, Meeks & @RCBarden — need details?

 Ben Golnik bgolnik

Just voted in saint paul 1-w p-2 – was #225 – workers said turnout was decent. #mnvotes #mn2010

Here’s a couple of more fun random primary day tweets:

 Mad Voter in MN CD 4 MadVoterInMN

At 1300 I voted in IGH, I was #212 to vote today at that poll. Pathetic, no wonder we have idiots in office ie. #bettymccollum #stribpol

 Rob Hahn RobHahnForGov

Got in my Election Day run. Hot. Somewhat related, a text from an unknown number today said, “I voted for the sweaty one.” Gotta like it.

 Jon Commers commers

If you live in Minnesota, vote TODAY. Projections for 10-15% turnout just do not cut it. Take the 10 minutes and make a difference!

David Brauer dbrauer

I was #117 at 12:45 pm in Mpls 8-6, usually a turnout hotbed. Only person voting. 3 election judges. No A/C. Thank you judges! #mnvotes

 Darin Broton DBroton

Tonight’s prediction- Sens. Chaudhary and Koering will start enjoying retirement.

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