A tale of two campaign parties


In the unique position of moving from Margaret Anderson Kelliher headquarters to Mark Dayton’s office the contrast was considerable.  Kelliher and the DFL had a packed crowd, eating and drinking, and basking in strong election returns most of the night.  DFL supporters seemed surprised with the late turn in the numbers towards Dayton.  After midnight Kelliher did not concede saying “We’re not making any decisions… we have some numbers yet to come in.”


Meanwhile as we raced into Dayton’s campaign central, the mood was calm with a sense of quiet building confidence.  Dayton said he would not declare victory until he heard from Kelliher.  When we asked about the “DFL Unity Rally” planned for later this morning, Dayton wasn’t sure it should happen so soon, but he did say it should happen as “Democrats will unify” around beating Republican Tom Emmer.  It was a night that featured at flood at Emmer’s party, a lightning strike at Kelliher’s and power outage for Dayton.  It seems fitting for a tumultuous night.

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