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Arne Carlson endorses Tom Horner for governor

Former Republican Governor Arne Carlson is traveling the state with his endorsed candidate for his job, Independent Tom Horner. According to Horner’s campaign, Gov. Carlson cited Minnesota’s dire financial situation in his announcement. Carlson pointed out that “the current record $5.8 billion deficit is the product of poor fiscal management dating back to 2003, when lawmakers began to rely on one-time money to fix long-term budget holes rather than make the tough decisions necessary to address the structural shortfall. Carlson said Horner’s budget plan is a mix of realism and redesign’ and that Horner is the only candidate in the race who has the vision, plan and capabilities to restore financial integrity to the state.”

The Republican Party responded with “Arne Carlson’s endorsement of Tom Horner comes as no surprise, given his previous endorsements of Barack Obama and other big spending liberals. Carlson is endorsing a candidate who represents the same approach he had as governor: increasing the sales tax, presiding over double-digit percentage increases in the growth of state spending every biennium and preserving the status quo in government.”

It’s not the first former Republican office-holder to endorse Horner who’s a former Republican. Former U.S. Senator Dave Durenberger was at Horner’s side when the now IPer announced his candidacy. Horner worked for Durenberger in Washington. It was in that office where a young Tom Horner met a gal named Libby who would go on to be his wife. In our biography series we’re working on now, Horner’s wife Libby revealed her struggle and survival of breast cancer.

They both got emotional over the cancer battle Horner called terrifying and said it was the most difficult part of their lives. We ran a quick clip Friday on Almanac in which many noticed Horner uncharacteristically emotional. We’ll have many more revealing moments from the candidates’ personal lives coming up next month in our broadcast of “Minnesota’s Choice for Governor 2010.”

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