Chamber endorses Emmer, Horner says support is robust

After much debate if Republican Tom Emmer was going to get their backing, this announcement today that Emmer beat out Independence Party candidate (and businessman) Tom Horner for an important endorsement:

Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC endorses Emmer

“Tom Emmer is the candidate who best meets our criteria and will make an outstanding governor,” said Steve McCulloch of St. Louis Park, a member of the Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund Political Action Committee. “Emmer is the candidate who best represents the Minnesota Chamber’s pro-business, pro-jobs agenda and is most electable. His message will resonate with all Minnesotans, because it’s common-sense, especially during a challenging economy.”

The PAC Board was especially impressed with Emmer’s approach to the state’s projected $6 billion shortfall in its general fund, McCulloch said. Emmer focused on priority-based budgeting, a process advocated by the Minnesota Chamber.

“Minnesota businesses must set priorities when times are bad – they expect the same from their state government,” McCulloch said. “Minnesota has about $33 billion to spend over the next two years. Rep. Emmer’s approach to budgeting ensures that those dollars will go where they will support the greatest economic growth in both the short and long run. This is not the time to increase state tax burdens.”

The worst outcome for job creation in Minnesota would be electing Dayton, McCulloch said.

“Minnesota cannot afford a Mark Dayton Administration,” he said. “The business community is unified in stopping his agenda of tax increases that would put all businesses at a disadvantage in today’s global marketplace and, as a result, cripple Minnesota’s economy just when a shot in the arm is needed.”

The Chamber PAC made its decision after interviewing Emmer and Tom Horner, Independence Party candidate. Democratic candidate Mark Dayton declined the invitation.

The Leadership Fund PAC is a separate entity from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. It includes volunteer members representing businesses of all sizes who support the PAC’s mission of electing pro-business, pro-jobs candidates regardless of party. The PAC is funded entirely by voluntary, personal contributions.

Later Independent Tom Horner responded:

Despite Chamber decision, business support for Horner is robust

PLYMOUTH, MN – Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner said Wednesday that the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce decision to endorse Republican Tom Emmer was “disappointing, but not surprising.”

“It’s disappointing, but not surprising that the Minnesota Chamber would endorse the Republican-endorsed candidate,” Horner said. “They have been doing that for decades.

“The Chamber and its political action committee have invested significant resources in Emmer’s candidacy, and it would be astonishing if they walked away from their chosen candidate a month before the election,” he said.

“I am pleased that we are giving the Chamber and other organizations a lot to think about and that many, like the Minnesota Medical Political Action Committee, an affiliate of the Minnesota Medical Association, and individual business leaders are stepping forward, putting Minnesota’s long-term interests first, and endorsing Tom Horner.”

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  1. Submitted by Hénock Gugsa on 09/22/2010 - 08:03 pm.

    To Mr. McCullough and the Chamber(s) of Commerce (wherever you all are):

    Please stop lying to yourselves and to others.

    Pro-business has not meant pro-jobs for many a moon in this country. The reason, basically, is your intractable hostility toward labor and labor unions in particular.

    You also have the problems of short-sightedness, and greed.

    You somehow finagled citizen’s rights for yourselves, but you still have no concept of social conscience.

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