Emmer plan specific on tax relief for businesses, vague elsewhere


On Labor Day Republican candidate for governor Tom Emmer released part of his long-awaited budget plan.  “On this holiday dedicated to working people, too many Minnesotans are out of work. On this Labor Day, too many Minnesotans are fearful about their jobs,” said Emmer. “We need policies which will make Minnesota once again a place where jobs flourish and where business people want to make investments for future growth.” 

The timing of the release is interesting.  The advisory alerting the press of the holiday Monday event arrived at 3:40 Sunday afternoon.  It proves we all have to be connected and ready to work 24-7.  Many reporters who regularly cover the state budget and Capitol might have already been gone, off the grid enjoying the final weekend of a summer that has been unusually busy with campaign reporting with the new earlier August Primary Election.

Emmer’s plan is pretty vague in general terms with more talk of redesign and reform.  It is specific on tax relief for businesses calling for “the current rate of the business (corporate franchise) tax of 9.8% to be reduced to 8.8% in 2011, 7.8% in 2012, further phased-in reductions to 3% by 2015, and eventual repeal.”  There’s hiring incentives, property tax cuts, R&D credits, and the capital equipment sales tax refund becomes an upfront exemption. 

The location is also curious, before the press conference the DFL noted “there’s just one problem– (Permac Industries) received funding from the federal Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which Tom Emmer vehemently opposed.”  DFL PR guy Blois Olson points out in his Morning Take “The release is found by a simple Google search of the company name.”  Reaction to the plan includes the AFL-CIO saying “As a legislator, Tom Emmer voted against job creation at nearly every turn, so it’s hard to take him seriously.”

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