Hunting for Emmer’s plan and tracking Dayton at the Fair


Partisan playfulness reached a new high (or low) on both sides of the aisle at the Minnesota State Fair.  First the DFL launched the “Hunt for Tom Emmer’s Plans.” During the scavenger hunt, “DFLers will receive clues and search the fairgrounds looking for any evidence of a plan from GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.”  The hunt began midmorning at the DFL Pavilion and participants had half an hour to bring their findings back to the DFL booth (the winners are pictured above from the DFL).  Emmer has been a target of lots of criticism for not having a plan to balance the state’s estimated $6 billion budget shortfall.


On the Republican side “following a tremendous public response to the unveiling of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s tracker uniforms at the Minnesota State Fair” the GOP announced a contest to allow Minnesotans a chance to design their own tracker uniform for Labor Day, the Fair’s final day.  Trackers (pictured above from GOP) are the folks who follow and record candidates every move on small format video cameras.  “Mark Dayton asked us to provide our trackers with clothing identification and we were happy to comply.  Given Dayton’s disastrous record, I’m sure there will no shortage of great ideas,” Republican Party’s Michael Brodkorb said.  Winners will be unveiled at the GOP booth Monday.

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  1. Submitted by Glenn Mesaros on 09/06/2010 - 12:34 pm.

    White House panic over November elections. No Democrat ANYWHERE in the US has been found to run a TV or media ad which specifically endorses Obamacare.

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