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Rep. Mark Buesgens releases statement on recent DWI arrest


Rep. Mark Buesgens (R-Jordan) the former campaign manager and close friend of Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer released this statement:

On September 18 I was arrested in Wright County on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. I fully cooperated with law enforcement in every respect. Tests revealed my blood alcohol content was over the legal limit, and I’ve been charged with a misdemeanor impaired driving offense. Because the legal case is pending, I’ve been advised to not commentfurther on the incident’s specifics.

However, I do want to say that I am very sorry and that I greatly regret my actions and how they have disappointed my family, friends and constituents. I have taken immediate, pro-active steps to address this issue, including scheduling a chemical health evaluation with a certified professional. I will immediately undertake any recommendations made in the evaluation, and I have already made arrangements to start a recovery program.

I am fully and completely committed to doing everything possible to ensure that these serious issues are addressed appropriately and effectively. I cannot overstate my gratitude for the public’s understanding, supportand prayers during this difficult time for me and my family.

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The Minnesota Independent dug deeper and found Buesgens attended an event that day as a representative of Emmer’s campaign. That on top of a bevy of alcohol related issues to those close to Emmer, MINDY says:

Buesgens’ arrest comes after a string of alcohol related incidents that have become an issue in the campaign. Emmer faced criticism from left-leaning groups over two decades-old DWIs. His son, Tripp, became a target of the press when it was revealed that he was ticketed for underage drinking while he was employed by the campaign. In May, Emmer’s former campaign manager was arrested for DWI just days after stepping down. The charges against him were dismissed.

The Strib has Emmer confirming he was with Buesgens part of the day and:

On Monday, Emmer’s team asked the state campaign finance board to remove Buesgens’ name as campaign chairman and replace it with Chris Georgacas, former head of the state Republican Party. The switch should have been made earlier, said Emmer spokesman Carl Kuhl.