Dayton accused of dodging questions on lawsuit

Now it’s Democrat Mark Dayton being accused of “fleeing reporters” by the state Republican Party.  Republican Tom Emmer has also fled reporters, like when we questioned him about missing floor votes to campaign during the legislative session.

The GOP says “What is Mark Dayton hiding?  Dayton claims to support working men and women but former Senate aide Brad Hanson says Dayton fired him over a heart condition.  Now reporters want Dayton to answer questions about the settlement and Dayton refuses to answer, fleeing reporters after a debate this afternoon. These are not the actions of a man who has nothing to hide.  It’s shameful that Dayton won’t come clean on this lawsuit and explain how much taxpayers have shelled out to pay for his legal bills and settlement.”

Dayton did issue a statement on what he called personal attacks on “an old story about a U.S. Senate employee who was terminated for cause in June 2002.”  The DFLer said the terms of the settlement are confidential, but “I will reimburse the U.S. Treasury for the full amount of the settlement to relieve taxpayers of any such burden.  The terms of this Agreement prohibit me from making any further statement regarding this Action.  This is the kind of personal attack that makes people hate politics. Minnesota voters have rejected these negative personal tactics in the past, and they won’t work now.”

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