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Dayton gets a little help from his sons

The two sons of Democrat Mark Dayton are tying to help out their dad.  They sent out a note to supporters saying:


Throughout our lives, our dad has been a constant presence. He has always supported us through ups and downs, good times and bad. But now the roles are reversed; we’re working on this campaign to support him. We’re doing it because we know he’ll make a great governor. 
And we need your help.  Please take a moment to <span>preview the TV</span> ad that we recorded for our Dad. We’re tired of the negative attacks from Dad’s opponents and we want to make sure Minnesotans know the real Mark Dayton as we’ve known him all our lives.


Eric and Andrew Dayton sat down with us for our upcoming biography series on the candidates for governor.  They shared photos of growing up and spoke openly about their parents divorcing when they were young and how they dealt with being the children of a Rockefeller and a Dayton.  They said in Minnesota it was a bigger deal to be a Dayton and they knew much was expected of them, but their father taught them to prove themselves as individuals.  The boys impressed our staff by helping haul our loads of camera gear in and out of their Minneapolis loft.  My photographer noted “They sure didn’t seem like rich kids.”  You’ll hear and see much more from three generations of Daytons tomorrow night on Almanac when we bring you an excerpt of Mark Dayton’s life story.

Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Beryl John-Knudson on 10/08/2010 - 03:33 pm.

    Initially I didn’t think the voter needed to know the personal; only the political, in order to evaluate and decide on a candidate…but you know, after listening to all the political spin and the attendant ads which too often have too much smear and too little content with ‘strategy’ too often the hallmark…and not too clearly defined policy by a ‘some’ of the candidates… maybe your series is the necessary ‘gold’ here; for the series adds the human factor which has so far been sterilized by backbiting by some of the candidates in a soon-to-be-over campaign.

    So few words here but already you have presented the Dayton boys as pretty nice fellows…yes, maybe that does say something…left a great impression for this reader already looking to Dayton as my choice. All I can say is thanks.

  2. Submitted by Mary Lahammer on 10/08/2010 - 05:57 pm.

    Thank you for your comments. After covering the Ventura election of 1998 I thought that I had to find a way to substantively cover personality if that was going to be a factor in voting. Knowing where someone comes from and what shaped them is important in a leader I think.

    I am always impressed with the thoughtful comments here.

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