Has Horner’s budget been checked?

After news broke that the Department of Revenue has not reviewed Independent Tom Horner’s overall budget, Republican Tom Emmer jumped on the reporting saying “Today we learned that Tom Horner has not in fact had his massive sales tax increase analyzed by the Minnesota Department of Revenue, contradicting what he stated only days ago. As a result, Minnesotans must ask themselves, what else is Tom Horner hiding from us?”   Horner’s campaign had apparently contacted the department to see if his tax plan would work.   MPR documented our TPT debate transcript from last week on this issue (http://minnesota.publicradio.org/collections/special/columns/polinaut/archive/2010/09/revenue_departm.shtml):

Horner: “We’re going to take medical services off of the table. We won’t tax those. We won’t tax prescription drugs or medical devices and the numbers do add up.

Republican Tom Emmer: No they don’t.

Horner: The Revenue Department says they did.

Emmer: They have not and you have to be honest about it.

Horner: I’m just curious as to where your information is that the Department of Revenue has said my numbers don’t add up because the Department of Revenue told me that the numbers do add up.

Emmer: Well put it out there. We’ve asked and haven’t been given anything that supports that.

Horner: Tom, That’s just not true, you know that’s not true.

Emmer: What we have been shown is that you have to make much broader attempt.

Horner: That’s just a blatant lie.”


Meanwhile the former PR executive’s campaign sent out some positive news of an endorsement:

Calling it a “historic” endorsement, the Minnesota Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee and the Builders Association of Minnesota Political Action Committee joined forces on Thursday to endorse Independence Party candidate Tom Horner for governor.

“This is the first time Minnesota’s housing industry has come together to endorse a gubernatorial candidate,” said Jerry Teeson, Vice Chair of the REALTORS PAC.

“We need a governor who has a realistic vision to rebuild private economy and create jobs,” Teeson said. “Tom Horner is the best candidate to tackle today’s problems and move our economy forward towards a promising future.”

The Builders Association of Minnesota PAC represents more than 3,000 members that build 80 percent of the state’s residential housing stock.

“Tom Horner understands industry in the state of Minnesota,” said BAM PAC executive committee member Rick Kot. “Minnesota is frozen between two political extremes. To move forward, we need a leader who can bridge the gap.”

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  1. Submitted by Joey White on 10/01/2010 - 10:41 am.

    So what’s the answer? Has it or hasn’t it been checked? Since that’s the title of the story, it seems to be a fundamental premise to the story and it’s left out. I’m confused.

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