Horner hits on newspaper endorsements statewide

Coming off a big weekend of endorsements, Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner sent out this news release:

Many influential newspapers throughout the state made their endorsements in the Minnesota governor’s race Sunday, and all of them recommended that voters support Tom Horner, the Independence Party-endorsed candidate. 

The state’s largest newspaper, the Star Tribune, said that Horner “presents voters with an opportunity they cannot afford to pass up. He possesses not only the understanding and communication skills that governing requires, but, unlike either DFLer Mark Dayton or Republican Tom Emmer, he also has the temperament to bridge the partisan divide that has long stymied the search for lasting solutions to chronic problems, both in Minnesota and the nation. For us, this choice is not a close call.” 

The Star Tribune noted that it traditionally publishes its endorsement for governor closer to the election. The newspaper said it endorsed a week early “in order to speak directly” to Minnesotans who are concerned about supporting a third-party candidate trailing in the polls and fearful of electing a candidate they do not like. 

“Our advice: Talk to your fellow Minnesotans in the next two weeks. Think about the obligation citizens bear to vote their consciences. And don’t let fear cause you to vote for a candidate you consider to be the second-best choice.” The Duluth News Tribune said Horner can “mine the most promising of the ideas from the extremes of our polarized, too-partisan, political machine and combine them with the potential of his own strong plans to create actual solutions.” 

“Horner is at the center, where most of the rest of us are,” wrote the News Tribune. “A Gov. Horner would be able to build consensus with Minnesotans, whether Republican, Democrat or otherwise, bringing all of us together to work toward a brighter future. The way forward is not to rail against government. It’s to fix Minnesota. Minnesotans’ best way forward is a vote on Nov. 2 for Tom Horner.” 

The Fargo Forum, which has a large readership in northwestern Minnesota, said Horner “has the temperament and political savvy to change the political climate.” 

“It’s time for a change. It’s time for a return to a Minnesota where politicians can reach across the partisan divide for the good of all Minnesotans. It’s time for a leader in the governor’s mansion who will be the catalyst for bipartisan compromise.” The Forum lamented the selection of “ultra-conservative” Tom Emmer by the Republicans, and called Mark Dayton “arguably the most liberal politician in the state.”

 “As Republicans went too far to the right, Democrats went too far to the left with a candidate who is both a failed U.S. senator and a supporter of policies far out of the mainstream.” In endorsing Horner, the Bemidji Pioneer wrote that “the time is right to elect an independent to break the partisan gridlock in St. Paul.”

 “What Minnesota needs is a governor who will lead from the center, think outside the partisan box and engage Minnesotans in finding solutions they want,” wrote the Pioneer. “We believe Independence Party candidate Tom Horner will fit that bill.”

The Grand Forks Herald wrote that “on Nov. 2, voters can elect a governor who further weights one side of that divide. Or they can elect someone who bridges it. Tom Horner is that bridge-building candidate, and he deserves Minnesotans’ vote.”

The West Central Tribune also endorsed Horner on Monday.  Horner said he is gratified by the overwhelming support.

 “As governor, I will do my best to uphold the faith that these endorsements have placed in me, and will work with Republicans, Democrats and independents to solve the monumental problems facing our state and get Minnesotans back to work,” said Horner.

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  1. Submitted by Annie Grandy on 10/19/2010 - 11:40 pm.

    No wonder newspapers are having such a difficult time staying in business when they are as out of touch with the people as these endorsements would seem to indicate.

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