Ventura endorses Horner in gov’s race

It seems Gov. Ventura didn’t actually tell Tom Horner directly about his endorsement since the campaign quoted a reporter’s story.  Odd and intersting, but I guess that could be said about Jesse in general.  Here’s the press release from Horner:

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura on Friday endorsed Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner.

“I urge people – if they truly want change, it’s in their power – shock the world again. Vote Tom Horner in as governor,” Ventura told reporter Bill Salisbury of the Pioneer Press in St. Paul.

Ventura, who served as governor from 1999 to 2003, was the first Independence Party governor elected in Minnesota.

Ventura said electing Horner would “have a much bigger effect than electing a Democrat or Republican.”

“If you elect a Democrat or Republican, you’re just going along with the status quo, business as usual,” Ventura said.

According to Salisbury’s story, Ventura said Democrats and Republicans have “created this mess that we’re in. Why would we look to them to solve it when they’re the creators of it?”

After a career as a professional wrestler, Ventura served as Brooklyn Park mayor from 1991 to 1995. He ran for governor in 1998, defeating Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Hubert H. “Skip” Humphrey III.


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