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Capitol rolling with change as Republicans take over

The hallways at the Capitol are overflowing with action this week, mostly it’s the sound of carts packed full of Senators’ belongings wheeling through the basement tunnel between the ornate State Capitol building and the more austere State Office building affectionately known as the SOB.  Democratic senators are moving out of the Capitol and into the minority offices in the SOB as Republicans take control for the first time in nearly four decades and earn coveted office space in the Capitol.

One of the more interesting parades of movers included staffers holding the extensive taxidermy collection of incoming Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk.  Fish and fowl trotted through the tunnels and staffers barely batted an eye.  Plants, flowers, chairs, coffee makers, dozens of years worth of stuff is being dusted off and packed up.  The pictures tell the story best of the historic political and logistical change at the Capitol.

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  1. Submitted by David Greene on 12/02/2010 - 12:41 am.

    Reminds me of past efforts to name the State Office Building after Reagan. Perhaps Republicans would have liked to stay there if it had succeeded. Then again, there would be a certain satisfaction for a Democrat to stroll the halls of the Ronald Reagan, SOB.

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