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Dayton recount team confident of canvass

Mark Dayton’s recount team says with all 87 counties completing their canvass “The process ended today and Mark Dayton received the most votes.”  Ken Martin added that he thinks the election system is clean and it “will be mathematically impossible for Tom Emmer to overcome the results.” 

The team also disclosed that they’re questioning Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s ability to stay in office past January 3 in a recount.  The Democrat’s attorneys say the constitution doesn’t mention anything about an election certificate and they believe the “chosen” candidate is the one with the most votes.

Meanwhile Republican Party announced that they’ve filed suit against St. Louis and Pine Counties over “their failure to respond to data practice requests in a timely manner.”  Chairman Tony Sutton said “The unacceptable foot dragging of St. Louis and Pine Counties cannot persist.  The Emmer for Governor campaign and the Republican Party of Minnesota should not have to go to court to get counties to respond to data practices requests in a timely manner.”

David Lillehaug from Dayton’s camp called it a legal fishing expedition “that’s going to cost countless dollars” at a time when local governments are struggling.  But Sutton said “We will continue to pursue any counties that do not promptly meet their legal obligations during this process.  Minnesotans deserve better”

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  1. Submitted by Eric Henly on 11/15/2010 - 03:00 pm.

    Has the Associated Press called this election for Dayton yet? If so, why not???

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