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Emmer says he’ll let recount process play out

In his first news conference since the election, Republican Tom Emmer repeatedly said he’ll let the process play out in a likely recount in the race for governor.  The state representative from Delano said “it’s not a time for politicking” as he waits to see how the votes change while counties complete their canvass. “Minnesota voters have spoken, we just don’t know what they said yet” Emmer said in an opening statement.  After Democratic claims that he was frivolously litigating Emmer responded “I’m not sure how that could be characterized as frivolous.”

Reporters pressed about who’s in charge as Emmer has appeared to let the Republican Party lead an aggressive recount effort. “I’m absolutely going to be involved” he responded.  When asked about what went wrong, how he underperformed just looking at raw percentages of Republicans running for statewide office, Emmer said he hasn’t reviewed the numbers.  He met with Governor Pawlenty yesterday to talk about a transition and added “We’ve done the work on the next budget.” 

Emmer has been MIA for the last week.  He said he “got as far away from here as I could” going to Canada.  Now he’ll spend this week naming a transition team and watching his daughter play in the state volleyball tournament.

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