Former candidates for governor predict

Roger Moe and wife

The DFL candidate for governor eight years ago Roger Moe says he thinks Mark Dayton will win the race for governor “but it’ll be a close one.”  Moe was relaxed enjoying the evening with his wife in one of the many rooms away from the main DFL election headquarters in the Minneapolis Hilton.  These former candidates know what it’s like to wait.

MFU Pres. Doug Peterson

Farmers Union President Doug Peterson also thought about a run for governor.  The former state representative predicts Dayton will win by 2%.  Earlier we ran into Mike Hatch, the DFL candidate for governor four years ago and he too says Dayton will end the DFL drought in the governor’s office.  Moe also told us the Chamber made up the rumor that Hatch would be Dayton’s chief of staff which Hatch shot down tonight.

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