MN’s members of Congress at DFL HQ

Minnesota’s two United States Senators addressed Democrats.  Sen. Amy Klobuchar said “I will not be serving with the witch! That witch has melted” referring to Delaware’s U.S. Senate Candidate O’Donnell who stated “‘I’m Not a Witch.”  Klobuchar asked “Do you feel the victory in the air?

Sen. Al Franken was thanked for making volunteers laugh this season, he joked “I’m on here a little earlier this year.”  Two years ago supporters left DFL headquarters without knowing the outcome in the Coleman-Franken race.  Franken went on to talk serious policy about jobs and infrastructure.  He concluded with “The election is over and it’s time for us in the public sphere to get to work”

Congressman Keith Ellison got by far the strongest reaction of the night so far. Chants of “Keith, Keith, Keith”  resonated as Ellison ignited the crowd.  He then delivered a loud and passionate speech that overrode most of our microphones.  Great for the crowd, not so great to use on TV.

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