Recount begins in race for governor

Anoka County’s recount

Day one of the recount in the race for governor seemed to feature many more aggressive challenges from representatives of Republican Tom Emmer.  But Democrat Mark Dayton’s side appeared to have more staff on hand.  The DFL team said they have three volunteers for every Emmer volunteer.

Dayton Recount Director Ken Martin asserted 98% of all frivolous challenges came from Emmer’s side in an afternoon briefing for reporters.  Martin said his message to volunteers who make the challenges is it’s 2010, not 2008  “We’re not in the same position as Tom Emmer; we don’t need to go out there and challenge every ballot.”  He added that “Mark Dayton is focused almost exclusively on his transition.  He’s getting ready to govern.”

The Secretary of State will release daily vote totals at at 8 pm every day.  The office sent out this reminder today:

Representatives of the Dayton and Emmer campaigns may observe the recount process and challenge recount officials’ ballot determinations. However, state law only allows a challenge when the intent of the voter is not clear or the voter has identified their ballot with their signature, printed name, or identification number. Deputy recount officials will send challenged ballots to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State to be examined by the State Canvassing Board when it reconvenes on Dec. 8, 9 and 10.

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