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Recount day two media strategies

Dayton Recount Director Ken Martin

Through the second day in the recount in the race for governor clearly differing media strategies emerged between Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer.  Dayton’s recount team held five media availabilities across the state.  Emmer’s side said they don’t plan to do any daily briefings but are “more than willing to answer any questions” reporters might have.

Democrats reported more numbers showing Dayton gaining on Emmer despite Republicans leading in ballot challenges.  Dayton Recount Director Ken Martin accused Emmer’s camp of “wasting time” with “absurd ballot challenges.”  When reporters pressed Martin he also revealed that they’ve raised over a million dollars for the recount but added “It is difficult.  People spent a lot of money in the general election and they are tapped out.”

Meanwhile, Dayton traveled to Washington D.C. for the Democratic Governors Association.  Dayton said he was invited to attend even though the recount is still underway and “Attending the DGA’s Annual Meeting provides a worthwhile opportunity to share ideas and learn from other Governors what we can do in Minnesota to put people back to work and balance the state budget in a fair and responsible way.”

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