Recount machines restart renewed

It appears Minnesota is headed for another testy statewide recount at the top of the ticket.  With Democrat Mark Dayton leading Republican Tom Emmer by a small margin, it appears the race will be within the one-half of 1% margin to trigger an automatic recount.  Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said it looks like three House races will require a recount as well.  Ritchie said the vote was calm and told folks to “have fun” through the repeat recount ahead on the heels of the epic Coleman-Franken recount.  Expect vote totals to continue to fluctuate through the next few weeks through a preliminary canvass.

The tone from Republicans was completely different.  GOP Party Chair Tony Sutton promised an aggressive challenge and called the election process a disgrace.  “Something does not smell right when Republicans take control of the House, Senate and the 8th district and somehow don’t win the governor’s office” Sutton declared.  After even Republicans said the party got “out-lawyered” in the Coleman-Franken recount, Sutton promised “we’re not going to get out-lawyered.”  Republicans are bringing in a new high-profile out of town attorney Michael Toner.

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  1. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 11/03/2010 - 03:52 pm.

    Sounds like the GOP is ginning up their usual conspiracy excuses.

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