DFL Dayton and GOP senate leaders meet

The relationship between DFL Governor-elect Mark Dayton and Republican Senate leaders is off to a sweet start.  That’s after Dayton said the GOP “did some intelligence work on my culinary preferences” and gave him a huge box of peanut M&Ms.  It was a chance for the incoming leaders to connect and begin a conversation prior to the legislative session at the beginning of January.  The DFLer said he’ll find agreement with the GOP on job growth and streamlining business regulations.

Of course a replacement stadium for the deflated dome came up.  Dayton said he’d defer to the legislature for an answer and give the Vikings some time to form a plan.  “I don’t know that it adds urgency, it underscores the imperative” said Dayton.  Incoming Senate Republican Assistant Majority Leader Geoff Michel said “The photos are dramatic, no more dramatic than the economy.  Our economy has deflated.”  Majority Leader Amy Koch said in the meeting “our primary focus was jobs.”

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