Emmer not now planning court challenge

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer held a press conference for the first time in weeks, announcing he is withdrawing some ballot challenges to speed up the process and help seat a governor by January 3.  He also stated “Let me be clear: I am not currently planning an election contest.”  Before he makes a final decision on the next step he wants to see the State Supreme Court decision on possible overvotes or reconciliation of voters roles with ballots cast.

Emmer took a handful of questions, but rushed off saying he had other things on his schedule.  Social media exploded with criticism over how the press conference was handled.  One person tweeted “Worst. Presser.  Ever.”  Emmer’s wife Jacquie stood by his side along with Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton at party headquarters.  There have been many questions if the party has been more aggressive than Emmer in this recount.  We’ll delve into that more tonight on Almanac.

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