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Gov. Jesse Ventura interview

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura might have told Gov. Tim Pawlenty that he wouldn’t criticize him, but he told us in an interview today he doesn’t like Gov.-elect Mark Dayton’s income tax increase.  Ventura says the proposal hits him and his “American dream” to be a millionaire.  He says it’s not fair to punish success.  The state’s only Independence Party governor added “Minnesotans are all liars” because if polls show 40% of Minnesotans are independents and only 12% vote for an IP candidate they are untruthful.

Ventura is also suspicious about the dome collapse and why a television crew was recording prior to it happening.  He says “getting the collapse on film makes the new stadium a done deal now.”   The former governor still thinks the Vikings should get a new stadium funded by seat licenses with no public funding. 

Ventura is also upset the mainstream media has not noticed his reporting on the JKF assassination.  He said his TV show “Conspiracy Theory” may not continue because he won’t fly anymore because he feels the airport security searches are a “sexual assault.”   See the very spirited interview tonight on Almanac and the entire interview will be online at

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  1. Submitted by Ralph Ausenhus on 12/19/2010 - 11:30 am.

    Way to go Jesse. Your right on target exposing all of the deceptions and lies. Don’t quit now because of a little snafu involving searches at the airport. I know it’s vulgor but just think of the good your doing for the American Public. Surely that outways the little inconvenience your going through at the airport. Your show is the only show I enjoy during the whole week. What you guys have uncovered so far is certainly scarry. But you know, when you really get down and look at it as you have been demonstrating, something is definately going on-and it’s not good. I had always thought that on that night they hung Sadam Hussein, there should have been one or two more hung beside him if you know what I mean. And now if this stuff about Cheney is right-on, I am sure of it. I like your stuff on the Kennedy assassination. I would really like you to explore the aspect of the high-ups within the Dallas Police Department during that time period and their complicity in the event. Your right on with the Fletcher Prouty interviews. Following Fletcher Prouty and you can solve the assassination without a doubt. Seems a bit strange that Ed Lansdale of the CIA would make sure Fletcher Prouty was assaigned to the South Pole several weeks befor the Kennedy Assassination. Prouty identifies Lansdale in one of the photos of the three tramps walking in the opposite direction as what the tramps were walking. Prouty is unmistakeable in his recognizing Ed Lansdale in the photo. Prouty stated as long as Lansdale was on the grounds(which he shouldn’t have been)the CIA was beyond a shadow of a doubt involved.. When you have CIA involvement, you have now committed the perfect crime in America. Oh Jesse, pursue the shot that came from the front and entered the Kennedy Limousine. I believe that shot found it’s mark entering the top of JFK’s skull and exiting out the right-rear of JFK’s skull. The positioning of the sniper for that shot was probably in all likelyhood in the storm drain(street level)just ahead of the motorcade and on the South side of Elm. Their were wittness to the bullet hole in the Kennedy Limousine but none of the documentary shows want to talk about that. All these documentaries want to show is how it came from behind. Two people who at least according to Doug Weldon wittnessed the bullet hole in the Kennedy Limousine as a through-and-through bullet hole were Evalia Glangees and George Whittaker(supervisor)of the Rouge Plant at the Ford Motor Company in Michigan. Good luck Jesse and keep up your good work with your fantastic show.

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