Gov. Pawlenty’s veto pen headed to history

On the same day Governor-elect Mark Dayton detailed his plans for his inaugural, Governor Tim Pawlenty made some plans for leaving office.  He has been emptying out his office for some time.  Months ago I ran into Pawlenty leaving the Capitol one night with his arms full of items that once hung in his office like a framed flag and art.  At the time he said he didn’t want to leave all the stuff to the end.

Then today, Pawlenty’s office announced he “turned over documents and artifacts from his eight years as Governor to the Minnesota Historical Society, including an oversized “Veto Pen” and the actual veto stamps he used.  During his time in office, Governor Pawlenty issued 299 complete bill and line-item vetoes, including vetoing $7.5 billion in tax increases.  In 2008, Pawlenty set a record for the most bill vetoes issued in one year by a Minnesota governor.”

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    The incredible lightness of being.

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