Pawlenty and Dayton peaceful and playful transition

It was playful, peaceful, thoughtful, funny.  Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty welcomed Democratic Governor-elect Mark Dayton into office.  Dayton set the tone by mocking a reporter’s words declaring “I’ve been rehearsing all morning being funnier without a grimacing smile.”  The pair played off each other and revealed a more relaxed Dayton than voters have seen publicly.

The Democrat announced he has already hired the Republican’s Transportation Commissioner Tom Sorel.  Pawlenty pledged to do everything he can to create a smooth transition.  Pawlenty praised Gov. Jesse Ventura for making his transition “terrific” and told stories of the two taking a ride in Ventura’s new Porsche leaving the State Troopers behind.  Dayton said it’s all starting to sink in but he hasn’t had time to even think about his inaugural.  More staff announcements are likely tomorrow.

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