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How much does experience matter at the Capitol?

Through their first weeks in office, we’ve been closely watching all the new leaders at the Capitol to see how much experience matters.  With Republicans taking over the State Senate for the first time in nearly four decades, new Senate President Michelle Fishcbach summed it up “We’ve had a couple of bumps, but it’s been 40 years, there’s not a hand book on it.”  That assessment is consistent with all of our research and digging.  We’ll reveal much more of those bumps and triumphs tonight on Almanac.

In their weekly media briefing Democrats through Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Assistant Minority Leader) said they were “concerned the first bill increased the deficit” with GOP business tax cuts.  Democrats took a tough stance on the Republicans’ early leadership, questioning the GOP priorities mirroring the Chamber of Commerce’s agenda.  Republicans said they weren’t ruling out constitutional amendment ballot questions that don’t have to go through the DFL governor, but that approach was not a priority at this point of the session.

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  1. Submitted by Ann Richards on 01/20/2011 - 03:12 pm.

    Oh, I think the lack of experience has shown more than a ‘few bumps’ This group came in with a great deal of hubris- and the fact that they already are proposing constitutional amendments to make changes without going through the Gov shows a lack of respect for the process. Within the first week we heard “Gestapo’ to mean mentoring and the list goes on….They sound as if their goals are only the same as the Chamber of Commerce with first announcing business tax breaks- I don’t know that it isn’t a good idea, but not the first thing out of the chute. They really need to get a handle on their message.

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