Minnesota angles at State of the Union

Before Congresswoman Michele Bachmann delivered the Tea Party reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union, she was in what we call a “cutaway” in television during Obama’s address.  Much has been made about Bachmann not looking directly at lens when reading her response.  In TV typically when you have to look at just one camera the teleprompter screen is right next to the lens or even reflected right over the lens so you can look into camera while reading.

Public Relations guy Blois Olson in his Morning Take writes:

CHAOS:  A search of YouTube this morning for “Michele Bachmann” reveals dozens of new videos that were uploaded overnight in what appears to be an effort to bury the Bachmann response.  Meanwhile TeaPartyHD, the host of Bachmann’s response doesn’t even have the response up instead they link to the PBS NewsHour video.  The camera shot of other media presents Bachmann as not looking into the camera.

Other Minnesotans with some face time include our state’s senators.  U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar gave Obama a quick friendly kiss on the cheek after his address.  She stood out in light blue in a sea of dark suits.  Senator Al Franken also appeared twice on the television feed.  The first time he looked like he led a standing ovation.

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