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The power of the puppy

In a week where the Republican led legislature spent day and night working to cut the state budget, the DFL governor got to own the positive images, posing with a police dog and his puppy.  But Governor Dayton is also sharing the gubernatorial spotlight with his opposition, inviting Republican legislators to a number of photo ops and bill signing ceremonies. 

On Almanac, I’ll explore whether Dayton’s unique approach could build up some good will as he negotiates tough budget solutions with lawmakers.  By the way, the First Puppy Mingo  has her own Facebook page and state website

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  1. Submitted by Lynda Friedman on 04/04/2011 - 09:43 pm.

    Thanks for the info on Gov. Dayton’s puppy, Mingo. I hope Mingo is present for lots of negotiations with House and Senate members. Who can be mean-spirited looking at a cute puppy like her?

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