Roller coaster week at the Capitol

No one was willing to say the gloves came off, but all the new leaders rode some ups and downs at the Capitol this week.  The most angst was in the back and forth over Republicans bringing a vote on the DFL governor’s tax plan.   Governor Mark Dayton called the move juvenile and revealed one Senate Republican who came to him with a revenue raising idea.  Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch said she was “disappointed and concerned” by the governor’s words.  Dayton said he “had a reasonable, respectful relationship” with legislative leaders, notice the use of past tense.

But in the middle of all this bickering over taxes, Gov. Dayton approved two GOP-led bills.  Many lawmakers expected the governor was going to veto HF1 on streamlining environmental regulations, especially since environmental leaders opposed it.  So his late in the day signature came asa bit of a surprise Thursday.  The governor will also go against the teachers union by signing a bill for alternative pathways to teaching in a ceremony on Monday.  Expect the unexpected this session.  Tonight on Almanac we’re exploring how the deals did and didn’t get done this week.

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