DFL fly around

By Katie Berry (Almanac Intern)

Before leaving to fly around the state today with DFL leaders, Gov. Mark Dayton expressed frustration with little change in Republicans’ attitudes since the end of session. He said that GOP continues to have an attitude that it is “our way or no way.” Senate Minority leader Tom Bakk chimed in that the Republicans have to get to the point where they need to realize that they must compromise with the DFL. In a show of support about dozen labor union supporters showed up to stand behind the governor at the press conference.

During the fly around, Dayton said that he would ask Minnesotans to weigh in on the budget and support what he views as a balanced approach that asks every Minnesotan to participate.  When asked what will be needed to avoid a government shutdown, the governor responded that it will take Minnesotans telling their legislators that they want a fair, responsible compromise and that he is standing in the middle waiting for the Republicans to show up.

Republicans leaders had their fly around earlier in the week and today the GOP sent out a press release criticizing Dayton saying “there’s a madness to his method.”  Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton said, “It’s an easy thing to do to laugh off the connection between Sen. Dayton closing down his Senate office and his willingness, even eagerness, to shutdown state government over tough budget negotiations,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton, “but the governor’s history of taking a timeout when things get tough is no laughing matter.”

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