Governor releases shutdown list


Governor Mark Dayton submitted his list today to Ramsey County District Court of state services which “should be continued in the event of a July 1st shutdown and, by their omission, those many services which should not.  I consider virtually all services provided by the state to be essential, and all of them have been established by previous governors and legislatures to serve and benefit people throughout Minnesota.”

The list of some services that would continue includes basic operations of prisons, sex offender program, state patrol, Capitol security, Veterans homes, state courts, military, budgeting agency, food inspections, newborn screening, vaccinations, Minnesota Zoo, Governor’s Residence.

The governor’s statement continues:  “My decisions were not based upon personal preferences or policy considerations.  Rather, they were instructed by the words of the Minnesota Constitution, which I took an oath of office to uphold, and ensuing case law.  Agency heads, their staffs, and the staff at the MN Department of Management and Budget and the Governor’s Office have spent many hours developing these recommendations.

“The Minnesota Constitution states unequivocally: “No money shall be paid out of the treasury of this state except in pursuance of an appropriation by law.” (Article XI, Sect. 1.)  Thus my decisions were based entirely upon which functions of state government are so critical to the protection of the lives and safety of the people of Minnesota, or which would cause disorder or severe statewide economic impact, that they should be made exceptions to this clear prohibition.

“Importantly, my brief first asks the Court to order Legislative Leaders and me to engage in mediation to help us resolve our differences before July 1st to avoid a shutdown.  My evaluation of critical services has persuaded me even more deeply that a shutdown would have catastrophic consequences for a great many people throughout our state.  I remain fully committed to doing everything I can to reach a balanced compromise with the Legislature on a fair and balanced budget before July 1st in order to avoid a shutdown.”


Agencies recommended to close:    

Accountancy Board

Administrative Hearings

Amateur Sports Comm

Architecture, Engineering Bd

Arts Board

Asian-Pacific Council

Barber Examiners

Board Behavioral Health & Therapy Bd

Black Minnesotans Council

Bureau of Mediation Services

Campaign Fin & Public Discl Bd

Capitol Area Architect

Chicano/Latino Affairs Council

Chiropractors Board

Combative Sports Commission

Cosmetologist Exam Board

Dietetics & Nutrition Practice Disability Council

Emergency Medical Services Bd

Explore Minnesota Tourism

Gambling Control Board

Higher Ed Facilities Authority

Human Rights Dept

Humanities Commission

Indian Affairs Council


Marriage & Family Therapy

Medical Practice Board

Minn Conservation Corps

Nursing Board

Nursing Home Admin Board

Ombudsperson for Families

Optometry Board

Peace Officers Board (POST)

Pharmacy Board

Physical Therapy Board

Podiatric Medicine Board

Private Detective Board

Psychology Board

Racing Commission

Social Work Board

Tax Court

Uniform Laws Commission

Veterinary Medicine Board

Water & Soil Resources Board

Workers Comp Court of Appeals


Note: Operations of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will continue based on its statutory and practical financial autonomy and its balance carry-over authority.

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by David Greene on 06/15/2011 - 11:37 am.

    Governor’s Residence? Really? That seems like a very stupid political move.

  2. Submitted by Diane Clare on 06/15/2011 - 04:46 pm.

    Well a mediator would force Governor Dayton to the meeting, might be the only way to get him on board to solve Mn finances.
    He truly seems to be driven by his own agenda, my way or no way. Raise taxes or forget it! Allow spending levels to retain automatic non sustainable growth or no deal!

  3. Submitted by Claire Lundgren on 06/15/2011 - 04:52 pm.

    When the fees and monies have already been paid for the 2 racetracks for all state services, it does not seem logical that the tracks must close and put thousands out of work. The state will also lose income from the cardclubs and parimutuels. This is a death nell for the racing industry as the only time of the year the tracks are open looks to be at the same time as this upcoming shutdown. The horses are going to leave for the states that are racing now so as not to miss racing. They won’t be back. Many counties will be affected and the state will lose a Multi billion dollar industry. This is a loss that Minnesota can not afford. Good job, Governor Dayton! Cut off your nose to spite your face. And take down a vital agricultural industry with you!

  4. Submitted by will lynott on 06/15/2011 - 07:00 pm.

    Why? He lives there.

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