Racino revenue

Four Republican lawmakers stood at Canterbury Park and called on the crowd to contact their leadership and the governor to get the horse industry back to work and pass a racino.  Leading the charge was respected Republican Senate Finance Claire Robling who after questioning said “I am willing to raise some revenue.”  Further pressed if it would take her GOP leadership to offer racino to the governor, Robling responded “I’m willing to provide the leadership… I think our leadership is supportive of racino, it’s not a caucus position.”

With a loud, large and supportive crowd gathered at the winner’s circle at the racetrack, freshman Republican Rep. Kelby Woodard told us “this is one of the innovative things that breaks the impasse.”   He suggested racino revenue could be applied to pay back shifts in school payments used to balance budgets.   Veteran Republican Rep. Michael Beard also spoke in support of the racino.  But freshman Senator Al DeKruif still said “we have to live within our means” and wouldn’t commit to increasing the GOP budget above $34 billion even with racino revenue.  Lawmakers there said they would need Democratic votes in both chambers to increase any state gambling.   

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  1. Submitted by Claire Lundgren on 07/15/2011 - 11:37 pm.

    $250,000,000 on the table and there for the taking. No strings, no concessions, nothing but revenue. It won’t solve the entire crisis but it will make a step in the right direction and it will save a valued industry. Even if it should fail, as the naysayers and the skeptics predict, the state will have nothing invested. This a no tax revenue needed proposition. AND…70% of Minnesotans are in favor.

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