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Deal to build Vikings stadium in Minneapolis announced

The Vikings stadium plan unveiled at a March 1 press conference.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings stadium plan unveiled at a March 1 press conference.

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Vikings announced an agreement this morning to build a new Vikings stadium near the Metrodome in Minneapolis that would be open by 2016.

The agreement, reached after days of closed-door meetings, still needs to be approved by the Legislature and the Minneapolis City Council.

Under the $975 million stadium plan, the Vikings would pay at least 50 percent of the construction and operating expenses. The plan calls for the state to kick in $398 million, the city of Minneapolis would contribute $150 million, and the Vikings or other private sources would pay $427 million. The stadium would be owned by a new stadium authority, appointed by the governor and the city of Minneapolis.

MinnPost’s David Brauer examines what the stadium deal will mean for the Star Tribune’s property.

MinnPost will have expanded coverage of the stadium plan later today.

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Comments (3)

Spend the money on arithmetic classes instead

$427 million is NOT "at least half" of $975 million, at least not where I'm from. Must be some hellacious operating expenses, if that's what I'm missing.

Not Even Close to Half

Who gets to sell the naming rights? If as I suspect it's the team, they aren't "contributing" half.

If they are getting a sweet heart loan from the NFL, it's not half.

Time for a change of guard

Dayton's lucky that it's not an election year for him. Anyone on my ballot that has touched this will not get my vote.