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Vikings unveil stadium design: What do you think?

Minnesota Vikings

We got a peek Monday night at the design of the new Vikings stadium, a modern-looking, angular structure with huge doors and lots of natural lighting.

The 1.6-million-square-foot stadium will seat 65,000 fans on seven decks and feature artificial turf and giant high-tech scoreboards at the end zones. The roof will not be retractable, but officials say it and other openings in the building will let in a lot of light on sunny days and give fans the feeling of sitting outdoors.

The Minnesota Vikings and HKS Inc., an architectural and engineering firm from Dallas hired in September to draw up plans for the $975 million stadium, unveiled its schematic design at a much-anticipated and much-hyped media event at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

Cityscape writer Marlys Harris will critique the design for MinnPost Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, check out these drawings and tell us what you think about the stadium design, which still must be approved by the Minneapolis City Council but is expected to be close to what the completed stadium will look like. Groundbreaking is scheduled for October.

Offer your stadium views in the comment thread below.

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

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Comments (28)

What difference does it make?

Not to sound overly cynical about this, but the architects could present us with a very, very large Quonset Hut and boosters of this project would insist that it was forward-looking and gorgeous and daring and organic and all those other terms the architecturally-literate like to use. Lots of natural light? Great. Angular, "modern" structure? Meh. Luxury suites? Gag me. Elected officials deciding that the public should pay a significant portion of the cost of erecting this monument to garish excess? Gag me again. What I mostly see is architectural ego on display, and when the roof begins to leak, I'll try not to say "I could have told you…" In a decade, if a sufficient number of parents decide the fun of playing football doesn't quite balance the permanent brain injury it likely will inflict upon their sons, this modern, angular structure, built to further line the pockets of a multi-millionaire sports franchise owner, might easily turn out to be the most expensive white elephant in our national history.

It is a different place in which we live...

Mr. Schoch makes some excellent points.

What is most amazing is the change in the culture of our state over the past three decades. From a State that supported the building of a budget conscious, architectural stale Metrodome - with funding fully in place -- to an overly expensive, architecturally ostentatious stadium for which the State has yet to find a reliable funding source to make the taxpayers contribution.


More light

-The whole roof should be ETFE
-Improve roof structural support design to minimize shadows on the field
-Energy usage? This building needs to be designed net zero energy
-Solar energy on south wall
-ETFE,glass,zinc are good -- more detailed design needed to building facade (stone? vines?)
-Needs a lot more work integrating with the neighborhood
-Add waterfall,plants inside. green stadium, inside and out
-Allow those windows near the nosebleed seats to open

"...integrating with the neighborhood"

A tall order. I didn't think I'd ever seen a neighborhood that this thing would fit into.

Then I remembered, prompted by that guy writing for ESPN, and from the Superman Returns movie, HERE'S a place where it would blend right in:


I do not find extreme, useless projections slicing up the skyline modern in any way. None of this has the look of efficiency for the environment it resides.
But most importantly, it forever taint the Vikings, if they ever win a Super Bowl.

The tasteless vainglory of this thing...

...will get old, real fast.

ostentatious and gaudy

A monument to distorted values, a place used for what...8 home games? As the statistics pile up about the damage football does to the body, why do we honor this sport?


The only reason this stadium is being built is because of the money it will bring to the state. Each year Vikings players pay about $10 million in state withholding taxes. Staff and coaches pay $1.5 million. Also, visiting NFL players pay a percentage of their salary in income tax to Minnesota, in 2010 that came to about $1 million. The new stadium is planned to be in use year round also, so no its not just 8 home games. Ya there are injuries that come with the sport but why do you think they make millions a year? Besides football is not all that dangerous compared to other sports like boxing or MMA where you go into a match where your soul purpose is to hurt the other guy. And amateur fighters dont even get paid. its stupid to make an arguement that has any thing to do with player safety because contact sports arent going anywhere. the building is going to look a whole lot nicer than the metrodome.

You've documented 12.5

You've documented 12.5 million dollars that we receive yearly. Now subtract that from the 30+ million we have to pay out annually (just the City), or that monstrosity and let me know whether it's a good deal or not.

Here's the church, here's the the giant doors...

Looks like a California mega church...the only question, whose god modeled for the Viking prototype?

Guess it is the cross-we-must-bear...yup for adoration of the sport,eh?

A Crystal Cathedral all for the affluent at last!

We can't bond for needed public infrastructure this year or even tax the luxury suites in this corporate palace to help pay for it. Says something about our priorities.


Looks too much like the Library.

a monument to our priorities

Now if we can just nickel and dime those greedy orchestra musicians and we can get all those lazy poor people to die or move to Chicago, then we can finally have the kind of state we deserve. Let me guess: Govenor Dayton has a lifetime luxury box and the rest of us will have permanent seats at the Legion bar playing electronic pull tabs. Who says life ain't fair?

Tax meat raffles and rent parties !

I sure hope this boondoggle isn't going to drive the poor away. We need them to pay for this thing. If they leave or die, the stadium financing scheme will implode.

Hey, Steve...

Didn't it already implode? :)

Yes, Bill - the e-pulltab scheme is a crapper.

But I got so darn excited with the over-the-top excesses in every aspect of this boondoggle, I forgot there is yet no competent plan to pay for it !! Whoops, there I go again - OF COURSE, it's going to be paid out of the State of MN General Fund.

"You missed a spot at the top, George'" his partner says...

I do wonder if the window washer contract has gone out for bids yet?

...and then again, the birds will love it, smash, flap; wow.... And the concept of arenas used as safe haven during natural disasters...forget it.

I could go on, and on...but I won't no.

Perfect ...

To unveil on the day that CO2 topped 400 ppm at Mauna Lea. When can we start tearing up the earth to build it?

I know it's trite, but is there anything that better brings the image of Ozymandias to mind?

A Shrine to Celebrate Tax Payer Funded Billionaires

Let’s all stand and worship at the alter of taxpayer funded millionaires and billionaires.

Let us pray: Austerity is for the little people. Ask not what billionaires can do for the people; ask what the people can do to support the billionaires in the lifestyle they have become accustomed. May the politicians promote continued monopolies so that we will always be compelled to serve and honor them. May we always be at their service. Amen.

I just have to say it's funny...

All of the local media keep trying to make a big deal out of this. People may comment but as far as I can tell no one really cares that much.

It looks like a thorn

on that section of Downtown and Cedar-Riverside that we will be pricked by for as long as it stands.

1000 Years From Now

When all the antiquated whiners are long dead, future historians will wonder what morons built all that ugly crap right next to the beautifiul Vikings stadium.


are always better informed than those who prognosticate; it is a thorny issue now.

I like "Plan B" a whole lot better

Afterwards, a lady is entitled to think better of whether or not to have a baby by that rude, awkward, grasping and greedy fellow whose friends disregarded all the rules of social engagement and fairness in arranging his access to her self.

"Plan B" is a fair and honorable way to prevent an inappropriate, untimely, unwanted, and untenable result.

Given the means and manner that this horrendous example of welfare for the overly rich has happened, and given that the resulting product will be unloved, unwanted, and yet another social failure, dependent on our support for years to come, I respectfully suggest an application of "Plan B" to the entire stadium deal would be a very good thing.

Ah, I see now

that it is not a thorny issue, but a horny one. Plan B seems quite reasonable. Thank you Dave.

The ladies were lining up to get knocked up with a stadium, but Ramsey County has since discovered it may be barren, but I am not sure what is going on with the Blaine lady, et al.

Some outstate legislators no doubt will say that this stadium began at the moment of conception and Plan B at this point would be an abortion, but the sex traffickers in city hall are hard at work pampering Minneapolis and telling her what a special baby this is, kind of like the movie Rosemary's Baby. "Get thee behind me, Satan," the other legislators should say, "travel on down the line; I must fund what counts, or my state will fall behind."

Satan's minions will fight off aborting this abomination even though there seems to be nothing to sustain its pregnancy and birth.

Why would you put a roof

on a football stadium and not on a baseball stadium? Not that I care anymore about either the Twins or the Vikings. When the Twins were a great team 20 years ago, seats were four bucks, the average person could afford a hot dog and pop, nobody was eating cheesecake off a plate or sipping a mimosa, and the ballpark was named after a great Minnesotan, not a corporation or a shopping mall. As for the Vikings, they would be more fun to watch if they played outside like the Packers. Rip the roof off the HHH Metrodome, and voila, your new stadium.

Houston Astrodome

As I remember the Houston Astrodome had a glass roof. The ball players lost baseballs in the glare and they had to paint the glass. They installed glass in attempt to grow natural grass but eventually had to install artificial turf, aka Astroturf.

Stadium Design

Beating a horse so long dead is neither pleasant nor productive. Too late to kill it. Probably always was too late. Terry's suggestions above make sense but who cares for sense? This piece of junk design is going to be built. Twenty years and they will be back for a new one with roof that opens. Thirty years and they will get it.

Remember that owner of the Senators/Twins who had to have a roof? Then his descendants had to have none.

Did we have to go to Texas for their lowest levels of taste and waste? Or was it enclosed by a grade-schooller with a ruler? Lastly, I wonder if these criticisms are ever read by anyone whose differing opinion could be changed.