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No blarney: Rare calendar occurrence prompts early St. Pat’s celebrations

Sure’n we’ll be celebratin’ a touch early this year in St. Paul because of very rare circumstances.The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been a St. Paul fixture for decades, held every March 17 to honor the great Saint from the Emerald Isle.

Six famous words can’t begin to define Ken Dahlberg’s full life

Six famous words can’t begin to define Ken Dahlberg’s full lifeSo here’s a guy who in his remarkable 90 years has been a World War II flying ace,  survived a German POW camp, become a rags-to-riches business success, a father, a grandfather.

Albright joins MinnPost as co-managing editor

Susan Albright, former editor of the Star Tribune’s editorial pages who writes about foreign and national events for, is taking on a new role at this website. Starting Feb. 11, she will become MinnPost’s co-managing editor. (More…)

Is waterboarding legal? Mukasey slips-slides away

Attorney General Michael Mukasey devoted four hours Wednesday sparring, dodging and demurring before the Senate Judiciary Committee over the legality of waterboarding.

Our world changed 50 years ago today

Echoes of the Cold War are sounding today as American scientists celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Explorer 1,  the nation’s first successful satellite.With a sky full of space hardware in 2008, it may be difficult for a new generation

McCain emerges as GOP front-runner as others fall away

In the wake of Tuesday’s Florida primary, the field of candidates running for president is getting smaller. On the Democratic side, John Edwards is expected to drop out of the race this afternoon.

Could McCain put Minnesota in play?

Good morning Fellow Seekers,
The big political trends favor Democrats in countless ways that would have been almost unthinkable a few years ago when Karl Rove could talk, with some credibility, about his vision of a permanent Republican majority.